Model Name:


Power Handling:

60w loaded with a Vintage 30 & G12H30 Anniv. as standard (other speakers are available)


68 lbs loaded (47 lbs unloaded)


27.75” x 20.75” x 12.75”


5/8" birch enclosure, dado joinery throughout


8 ohms mono, 16 ohms when operating in stereo mode

extended low frequency response

Extended Internal Dimensions
With a combined interal area of 2.9 cuFT, the new DS212 really packs a punch. That translates into an undeniably huge sound.

Triangle Ported Back Panel
To refine the overall performance of the cab, we brought back our open back/closed back design. This gives you the best of both worlds: punchy closed-back and a chimey open-back tones at the same time. The frequency response is extended just right: balanced when on the bridge position pickup, and with a deep punch and kick to it when in the neck position.

mono and stereo operating modes

Mono or Stereo Operating Modes
The DS212 provides a ton of flexibility by way of MONO or STEREO operating modes. When you plug into the left speaker jack, both speakers are linked in mono (total 8 ohm load). When you plug into the right speaker jack you break the link and can now operate each speaker individually for stereo operation (each speaker is 16 ohms).