Model Name:

Citizen Gain • SR


Class AB, ~45 Watts (solid state rectified)

Power Tubes:

JJ E34L x 2 as standard

Preamp Tubes:

V1, 2 & 4: JJ ECC83S, V3 & 5: Sovtek 12AX7 LPS

Preamp Controls:

Gain, Volume, Preamp Response Switch (3 modes)

Tone Controls:

Treble, Middle & Bass Controls. EQ contour Switch (3 modes)

Other Controls & Features:

Presence, HybridMASTER™ Level Control for Fine Tuning Output Level, Proprietary Tube Buffered Series FX Loop. Reverb Level Control, Reverb Mode Switch (2 modes).
Options: 112 Combo Version


31.5 lbs.

Case Composition:

5/8" Birch

Speaker Outputs:

1 x 16, 2 x 8 and 2 x 4 Ohm Speaker Outputs


24" x 10.5" x 9.33"

Mains Voltage:

120V is standard. Export 240V and other mains voltages are available

Internal Operating Voltage:

~500V DC


CE Certified

perfect volume, optimized highs

HybridMASTER™ Volume Control
HybridMASTER™ is located on the front panel giving you the confidence to play what you feel when you feel it at exactly the volume you need for the occasion without causing unwanted degredation to your tone and more importantly, a disconnection from the feel of being connected to a vacuum tube amplifier. Our patented HybridMASTER is volume management executed to perfection.

Presence Control
Today's experienced players will be pleased to know that the Presence control on the CITIZEN GAIN • SR has been optimized to deliver an effective high frequency enhancement no matter what volume level you're playing at. This is important when you're playing at reduced volumes and all you need is a touch of 'air' to put your tone over the top.

vintage & modern EQ presets, tone & ambience

Tone Command and Control
Three different EQ voices are available via toggle switch including #1 (mid scoop), #2 (mid boost) and #3 (high boost). When you select an EQ voice, you are switching the entire tone stack circuit to create new textures. This has a profound effect on the frequency response of the Bass, Middle and Treble tone contour controls.

Jamie observed that many of the legendary guitar recordings feature ambient effects including reverb as an integral component to the sound. To bring you as close as possible to the tone you hear in your head, Jamie optimized his all tube dual-mode spring reverb circuitry to emulate vintage hall and plate reverb effects so often present on these recordings.